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Aircraft Charter Summary

Aircraft charter is the simplest and most flexible option for moving passengers and freight. We can provide a wide range of options for private, commercial and government clients. Whether you require a helicopter or private jet, a commercial airliner or cargo freighter, we’ll work with you to find the best solution based on your specific needs.

  • Ad-Hoc Air Charter

    One off options for one-way, round-trip and space available charter flights. Empty legs and space available options are often the most cost effective option for single or irregular shipments and travel.

  • Private Jet & Group Air Charter

    Private jet for individual or small group travel (1-9 passengers) and larger aircraft for group charters (20+ passengers) tailored for international meetings & events, corporate shuttles, sports events, music tours & entertainment, and tour operators.

  • Cargo Air Charter

    Air cargo solutions for shipments, big and small to remote destinations around the world. We are trained and certified to ship a wide range of irregular and essential freight to include oversize, hazardous and perishable goods that require special handling.

We specialize in providing solutions for conflict zones in the Middle East Central Asia Africa

Aircraft available for charter, lease and sale

‘ad-hoc and one off aircraft charters’

Aircraft charter, does not have to be complicated. One call to ProCharter will result in a comprehensive search of the market to uncover the perfect aircraft to match any request or specification.

With extensive in-house airline experience at the highest level, our aviation knowledge enables us to quickly assess potential aircraft taking into account all the necessary operational and commercial requirements. This ensures that our clients are presented with the very best option available in the market.

We will work hand in hand with the airline that you choose to ensure the airports slots, handling, diplomatic clearances and over flights are all in place. We ensure the onboard product matches your exact specification. Logo seat covers, complimentary champagne, a dedicated executive chef to prepare the most delicious meals? These are all services we can and do supply.

A ProCharter ‘flight support officer’ will always travel with the flight, acting as the focal point for all communication and ensuring the very best customer service is delivered.

‘inclusive tour’

ProCharter offer a complete portfolio of aviation solutions. Ranging from small allocations of seats on established routes to dedicated aircraft, operating exclusively for individual tour operators, we offer the full spectrum of commercial solutions tailored for each individual client to deliver measurable results. We enjoy strong relationships with tour operators and airlines across Europe and successfully connecting the two is where we add significant value and have achieved an enviable position in the market.

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