ProCharter’s 10th Anniversary

Reflecting back on the last 10 years has seen Procharter evolve to become a leading international specialist aviation provider, serving a diverse global customer base. We are incredibly grateful to our loyal customers and suppliers who have helped us become a known and respected brand in the aviation industry. Our mission remains the same to become the market leader in the ‘remote site and humanitarian’ aviation arena. Combining specialist military aviation skills with acute commercial acumen. Alongside offering the full spectrum of aviation services, the market dictates.

Our focus now, I suspected like many of our colleagues in the aviation industry, is to consolidate our position and ensure we work hand in glove with our customers and suppliers during these difficult times. We have been fortunate recently to secure some humanitarian, evacuation, and medical resupply charters, that not only fit our company profile but, also allow us to do our little bit in combating COVID-19.

We remain at your disposal 24/7 for any aviation requests, it’s very much business as normal in these challenging times. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you all again in another 10 years!

– CEO Andy Fleming

Senior Management Team

Our team has proven civilian and military aviation management experience for our clients around the world. Together, we provide ‘Global Aviation Solutions’ to anyone looking for all-in-one aviation solutions.

Andy Fleming, CEOAndy Fleming


Andy founded Procharter in 2010 and has over three decades of experience in aviation. Beginning his career in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and subsequently holding main board positions across the travel, leisure and airline sectors. Andy possesses a wealth of aviation knowledge in aircraft leasing and aircraft charter, coupled with strategic and general management experience.

Andy’s vision for Procharter was, and remains, to become the market leader in the ‘remote site’ arena. Combining specialist military skills with acute commercial acumen, at the same time as offering the full spectrum of air charter products that the market dictates.

Steve Day, Regional DirectorSteve Day

 Managing Director

Steve joined the Procharter team in December 2013, initially setting up the company in Dubai. With over 30 years’ experience in military in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and commercial aviation and logistics, he brings a wealth of experience, much of it involving operating in challenging areas and conditions. He has travelled extensively, and worked and lived in Germany, Cyprus, Iraq, Afghanistan, Asia, Falkland Islands, former Yugoslavian Republics and several African countries. Steve has been in Dubai with his family for over a decade.

Shihaara Saheed, Operations DirectorShihaara Saheed

Operations Director

Shihaara (Shie) joined Procharter in 2014, and with her 15 years’ of experience in freight forwarding and aircraft charter operations, Shie has been esstenital to our mission as our Operations Director for projects in Afghanistan and Iraq. Originally from Sri Lanka, Shie has lived and worked in Dubai with our clients for over a decade.

James Saldaña, Visual Communications DirectorJames E. Saldaña

Communications Director

James has 30+ years of experience working in Africa, Balkans, Middle East and Central Asia on projects ranging from aviation operations manager in support of UN and African Union forces in Darfur Sudan to the design and deployment of logistical management systems used to track the movement of 100 million kg of air cargo per year into Afghanistan in support of American and ISAF forces. James has also led media projects as an accredited journalist to document conflicts in the Balkans, Israel, Palestinian West Bank and Iraq. He is a veteran of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division and possesses a B.F.A. in Art and Design and an M.A. in Mass Communications and Media Arts. James is affiliated with Core Focus Group and IDC Films.

Our Mission

Global Aviation Solutions

Founded in the UK by RAF (Royal Air Force) veterans, ProCharter is a global supplier of air charter, aircraft leasing, air cargo, and remote site aviation solutions for civilian and military clients.

Our portfolio of services covers a diverse but specialised product range, from a ‘one-off’ charter request to the complete management of complex airlift operations in conflict zones.

With core competencies in remote site aviation and logistics, aircraft charter, aircraft leasing, and air cargo we pride ourselves in providing our customers with rapid, effective and cost-effective aviation solutions.

Our transparent approach to business, focus on customer service, and operational excellence is a testament to our professionalism and company ethos of ‘customer first, excellence always.

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