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Aircraft Leasing Summary

Aircraft leasing provides flexible short and long term options for private, commercial and government clients who require a dedicated aircraft for moving passengers and freight. Whether you require a helicopter or private jet, a commercial airliner or cargo freighter, we’ll work with you to find the best solution based on your specific needs.

  • Aircraft Wet Lease (ACMI)

    A wet lease generally lasts 1–24 months; a shorter duration would be considered an ad-hoc air charter. We provide an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance and insurance (ACMI). You cover fuel, airport fees, and any other duties, taxes, etc.  A damp lease, occasionally referred to as a moist lease, is similar to a wet lease, we provide an aircraft, flight crew, maintenance and insurance. You provide the cabin crew and support staff who will be trained in safety and emergency procedures for this particular aircraft.

  • Aircraft Dry Lease

    Under a dry lease we provide an aircraft that you operate on your own Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) and registration. This is an aircraft only solution, without crew, maintenance, or insurance. A typical short term dry lease lasts upwards of two years. Operational and financial leasing provide additional long term dry lease options.

  • Operating or Financial Lease

    An operating lease is generally a medium to long term option greater than two years in length that would be attractive to established air operators or startups, who do not wish to purchase an aircraft or to bare the burden of an aging or obsolete aircraft. Under an operating lease the aircraft does not appear on the company’s balance sheet. A financial lease, also known as a capital lease, is a long term option to operate an aircraft effectively as if it were purchased with an option to buy or receive the aircraft once the terms of the lease are complete. Common term options may bring the lease to a conclusion, when payments exceed 90% of the market value or when 75% of the aircraft’s useful life has been reached. Under a financial lease the aircraft appears on the company’s balance sheet.

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Aircraft available for charter, lease and sale

‘short and long term leasing’

ProCharter is expert in short and long term aircraft leasing and has developed a portfolio of aircraft leasing services for both lessors and lessees. We have an in house database of worldwide carriers that ensures we offer the optimum solution for every request.

If you are looking for a short term aircraft lease to cover unscheduled maintenance or delayed aircraft delivery, or a long term aircraft lease tailored to deliver ‘extra capacity’ on a seasonal basis, ProCharter will provide a comprehensive solution, in budget and on your terms.

In an ever changing aviation market it is of paramount importance to ensure assets are worked and costs are minimized. ProCharter are the market leaders in ‘counter cyclical’ aircraft leasing, supplying aviation capacity to match seasonal demands whilst delivering year round flying options for our suppliers. Our success in this area is unsurpassed and our suite of services the most comprehensive and effective, is available for both airlines and tour operators alike. Capacity planning is at the heart of our aircraft leasing strategy and we believe it is fundamentally important to the success of our business and that of our key suppliers.

ProCharter works with the leading ACMI aircraft suppliers in the market and annually fly thousands of hours on behalf of our mutual clients. This ensures ProCharter has considerable buying power coupled with a detailed knowledge of all aspects of aircraft leasing.

With a highly experienced and dedicated team, we will work with you to ensure we deliver on our promise of ‘customer first, excellence always’.

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