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AN-12 Photo: ProCharter © 2015

ProCharter was approached by a key client and leading multinational plc to move time-critical supplies to a remote site location. Due to the nature of the consignment of life-critical supplies, it had top priority and needed an urgent airlift solution. The delivery location being both hostile and remote would only be available for a short ‘daylight’ time frame which would make normal airlift and ground turn-around times impossible to meet.

ProCharter, rising to the very difficult task in hand and utilizing our highly experienced ‘ex-military’ team established that we could only operate to such tight schedules by employing a tried and tested military method of an ERO (engine running offload). To make this solution viable and to ensure operational integrity Procharter sourced specialized loading equipment and worked tirelessly over a 10 day period to get the correct clearances and ‘buy-in’ from the key stakeholders to put the plan into operation.

Utilizing the correct aircraft, configured internally to allow the rapid extraction of 15 tonnes of cargo was key and working with one of our main suppliers and employing our ‘in-house’ specialist knowledge to the task allowed 10-minute ‘turn arounds’ to become operationally attainable. During the entire process, the commercial requirements ran side by side with the tough operational detail and despite such strict ‘mission-critical’ obligations, Procharter was able to ensure the solution met both our client’s operational requirements and commercial budget.  The proving flights launched and operated to the planned tight schedule, the proof of concept has now been accepted and we continue to operate weekly flights.

Commenting on this, Robbie Collins, Procharter Operations Manager

The Operations team worked extremely hard on the planning and preparation for this project. From our extensive military experience operating in hostile and austere locations, we know how important it is to be able to be resupplied by air, and these missions provide much needed life support as well as a morale boost.

Adding to this, Steve Day, Procharter Regional Director

Being able to plan and execute such highly complex and challenging missions, and receive laudatory praise from our client and end user, is testamount to the calibre of staff we have on board, striving to achieve operational excellence in extremely challenging circumstances and environments.

Our ethos of ‘customer first excellence always’ is clear to see so if you have a specialist airlift requirement, passenger or cargo, please get in-touch today.

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