For Sale Gulfstream GIV-X / G450


For Sale Gulfstream GIV-X / G450


For Sale Gulfstream GIV-X (G450) (2009)

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Condition: Pre-Owned

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Specifications as of Apr 06, 2016:

Apr 14, 2009Sep 24, 20093827 Hrs *1594 Cyc*
EngineMake / ModelHoursCycles
1Rolls-Royce TAY611-8C3827 Hrs *1594 Cyc*
1Rolls-Royce TAY611-8C3827 Hrs *1594 Cyc*
  • Original engines installed. Both engines are under Rolls Royce Corporate Care program since new.
APUMake / ModelHoursCycles
1Honeywell GTCP36-150342 Hrs*3340 Cyc*
  • Original APU installed
01VHF transceiverHoneywell NC-860A3
02HF transceiverCollins HF-9034A2
03Solid state cockpit voice recorder (CVR)Honeywell AR-1201
04Solid state flight data recorder (FDR)Honeywell AR-2561
05Weather radarHoneywell WU-8801
06TCAS 7.1 computerL3COM TCAS 2000 (RT-951)1
07TranspondersHoneywell XS-857A2
08Enhanced ground proximity warning
computer (EGPWC)
Honeywell EGPWSM-1002
09Flight management computerHoneywell MC-8503
10ADFHoneywell DF-8552
11VORHoneywell NV-875A2
12DMEHoneywell DM-8502
13Head-up Guidance SystemHoneywell CB-2001
14Avionics systemHoneywell EPIC Cert-FN/A
15Enhanced Vision SystemKollsman EVS II1

Maintenance Programme:

    • Aircraft on CMP since delivery
    • A check (and multiples) every 600 Flight Hour (and multiples)
    • C check (and multiples) every 12 Month (and multiples)
  • Engines are tracked on a preventative maintenance basis

Maintenance Status:

    • 4 year check to be performed in Oct 2013
  • 8 year check scheduled in Oct 2017

Major Modifications:

    • Installation of an airplane cabin interior (STC ST03710AT-D)
        • Installation of interior emergency lights (STC ST02987AT-D)
      • Installation of cabin windows shades (STC ST03290AT-D)
      • Installation of passenger oxygen system (STC ST02979AT-D)
      • Installation of a FWD galley vestibule and lavatory (STC ST03647AT-D)
      • Installation of an AFT lavatory (STC ST03410AT-D)
    • Installation of a Broad-Band Multi Link (BBML) system (STC ST03027AT-D)
    • Installation of an Aircell Axxess II Iridium satellite telephone (STC ST03532AT-D)
    • Installation of a Securaplane external camera system (STC ST02980AT-D)
    • Installation of an Airshow system (ST03047AT-D)
    • Maximum Landing Gross Weight reduction to 58,500 Pds for Cat C approach operations (ASC007)
    • Maximum Take-off Weight increase to 74,600 Pds (ASC016)
    • Planeview Avionics / Navigation Enhancement to ASC911A (ADS-B out, PM-CPDLC – Fans 1/A)
    • SATCOM System upgrade Jet Aviation EO – Installed Honeywell MCS7147
    • High speed Internet system (SATCOM + 3G on ground) with SDR router and WIFI antenna
  • Installation of a bidet / Hand-shower in Aft lavatory

Cabin Entertainment System:

Original Entertainment system installed by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation with:

    • Airshow system
    • 24 inch LCD monitor (Fwd)
    • 19 inch LCD monitor (Aft)
    • 2 dual DVD video players
  • Wireless local area network (LAN)

Cabin Features:

  • Cabin layout

Forward Gallery – Seats up to 16 passengers with berthing for 6


Gulfstream GIV-X / G450 Interior

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General Information: The Gulfstream IV (or G-IV or GIV) and derivatives are a family of twinjet aircraft, mainly for private or business use. The G450 is a designation for the model GIV-X. 330+ aircraft were in service at the end of 2014- Wikipedia

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