Dornier 328 Pax for Wet or Dry Lease

Dornier 328 Pax for Wet or Dry Lease

Photo: KS-U92 [edited] [©], via Wikimedia


Dornier 328 Pax for Wet or Dry Lease

Quantity: Two (2) Passenger Aircraft

Available: Ongoing

Route: Middle East and North Africa

Details: Fresh from C check


  • 32 seats (y-class)

Terms: Wet or Dry Lease (lease purchase possible)

General Definition: A wet lease generally lasts 1–24 months; a shorter duration would be considered an ad-hoc air charter. We provide an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance and insurance (ACMI). You cover fuel, airport fees, and any other duties, taxes, etc.  A damp lease, occasionally referred to as a moist lease, is similar to a wet lease, we provide an aircraft, flight crew, maintenance and insurance. You provide the cabin crew and support staff who will be trained in safety and emergency procedures for this particular aircraft.

General Definition: Under a dry lease we provide an aircraft that you operate on your own Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) and registration. This is an aircraft only solution, without crew, maintenance, or insurance. A typical short term dry lease lasts upwards of two years. Operational and financial leasing provide additional long term dry lease options.



  • Passengers


  • Cruise Speed

    750 kph / 466 mph

  • Cabin Length

    10.32 m / 33’10”

  • Cabin Width

    2.17 m / 7’1″

  • Cabin Height

    1.82 m / 5’11”

  • Luggage Space

    6.4 m / 20’11”

  • Enclosed Lavatory


  • Entertainment Centre


  • Flight Attendant


We specialize in providing solutions for conflict zones in the Middle East Central Asia Africa

Aircraft available for charter, lease and sale

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General Information: The Dornier 328 is a twin-turboprop engine regional aircraft, principally designed for short haul passenger operators… According to Deutsche Aerospace, the 328 offered the “lowest noise level, widest cabin, highest standing room, widest cabin floor, and widest seats in the three-abreast class”. The 328 is capable of operations from semi-prepared airstrips and rough runways, incorporating features such as its retractable landing gear being equipped with high-floatation tyres and steerable nose gear and a gravel guard…

The fuselage of 328 allows for a comfortable three-abreast airline-style seating arrangement to be used as well as a dense four-abreast configuration to accommodate greater passenger numbers, of which it is able to carry a maximum of 27. There are a total of six cabin configurations available for passenger and cargo operations, these include a flexible combi aircraft layout with a movable wall separating passengers and cargo, and a medical evacuation arrangement equipped with bio-floors and positions for four litters and medical attendees. The 328 is pressurized, a first for Dornier-built aircraft, which was implemented to achieve a higher level of passenger comfort; the passenger cabin is designed to be more akin to those of much larger passenger aircraft. A full-sized galley, toilet and washbasin can also be installed. – Wikipedia

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